Welcome to Centro Veterinario Antártida, we are a Veterinary Hospital funded in 2016 with the aim of ofering the higest quality standars for your pets´ care at the best price.

Our pruporse build facilities follow the higest quality standars to ensure your friend will receive the best of the best, everything has being designed for the animals!. We are specialists in Internal Medicine, Feline Medicine, Exotics, Surgery and Rehabilitation.

For us, animals are not just pets, they are Family! That's why, all our team do their best to be sure they are treated as they deserve, and for that... All our veterinary surgeons have a wide experience national and internationally and they are always in continous development to be sure we provide the state of the art in vetereinary care!

We are one of the only 4 surgeries acredited as Veterinary Hospital in Murcia, which prove our high equipment and veterinary care level!

We have all the servicies your pet can need, from basic preventive medicine to the best out of hour emergency care. We have also a grooming service, surgery service, rehabilitation service, hospitalization service...

Do not hesitate! Came to meet us!

Featured Services

Cat Friendly Clinic

Thanks to our constant effort and our facilities design specially for this end, we have been recognize as a Cat Friendly Clinic by the ISFM, even more...



What that mean?

  • It means that our facilities are design with the highest levels of requirements for out feline friends...
  • It means that all our professionals are highly trained in Feline Medicine...
  • It means that we have a consult, a waiting and a hospitalization room exclusive for cats and fully adapted for them...
  • It means that we have a 'Feline Advocate' ready to do whatever is needed to be sure our feline clients are treated in the best way possible...
  • It means that your cat will be treat as a king!

Bing tour cat to us, You won't regret!

Our partnerships

Because we love animals, we collaborate with a big amount of associations and settlers to help them like:

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